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The generic name for Sonata is Zaleplon.

When it comes to sleep aids, one size does not fit all. Different people have different sleep needs.

Sonata (Zaleplon) is a new sleep aid on the market giving relief for millions from sleeplessness. Sonata has a shorter period of influence in the body and is beneficial for people who struggle to fall asleep but don't have trouble staying asleep.

Some people find that a prescription sleep aid works best for them. If your doctor has recommended that you try SONATA then consider purchasing online. strongly urge you to always undertake a physical examination and consultation with your qualified personal physician before taking any prescription medication.

Please refer to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) guidelines for USA citizens.

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For a drug to be categorized "generic" it has to meet 2 tests.
It has to be chemically equivalent and it has to be therapeutically equivalent to the brand name drug. i.e.: it has to have the same therapeutic effect.
Generic drugs may differ in colour, name, size or shape but this is cosmetic and for patent reasons only.

Please Note:

Beware - do not purchase controlled substances online.

Sonata, generic: Zaleplon, is listed as a schedule IV controlled substance in USA by the FDA and should not be purchased online.

Ambien (Zolpidem Tartrate) is also a schedule lV controlled substance.
Lunesta (eszopiclone)is also a schedule lV controlled substance

You should avoid any online pharmacy that offers to supply this product without requiring your prescription issued by a reputable medical practitioner in the course of a medical consultation.

An online consultation is not sufficient for Schedule III-V drugs.

What are controlled substances?
Controlled substances (also called scheduled drugs) are medicines that are particularly prone to abuse and can cause physical or psychological dependence. Controlled substances with legitimate medical uses are divided into four categories: Schedules II-V.

The laws covering prescription medication vary considerably for each country. Please make sure you are not breaking the laws of the country where delivery is required when placing any order for prescription medications.

For more information, please visit DrugStoreBestBuys Controlled Substances page.


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